Showing Up: Taking action to cure fear

Recently, I posted The Journey of Being Kind and Honest where I shared a life changing  discussion from many years back about being kind and honest. That single conversation had a profound impact on me and seemed worth sharing with you all.

In that post, I offered 3 key steps that I believe are fundamental to pursing a kind and honest path.

  1. Showing Up
  2. Being Authentic
  3. Telling Your Truth

The first step of showing up is the most important because it sets the tone and intention for the journey. I view is as our willingness to say YES to pursuits that feed our soul.

But what does SHOWING UP actually mean?

Of course, it requires your physical presence in a given situation, but the real work is a little more involved. Simply put, I believe it is doing more of what scares you and taking action that pushes you beyond your comfort zone.

Can you think of one area in your life that you aren’t showing up for?

box-550405_960_720Perhaps it’s something like finding courage to:

  • Have a difficult conversation
  • Face the truth in a relationship with yourself or a loved one
  • Put yourself up for a professional pursuit that feels beyond your reach
  • Confront a personal issue that has become unmanageable



So, what is REALLY holding you back from taking the first step?


What often stops us short of action is FEAR. Fear of the unknown or a desire to avoid possible judgment, shame or ridicule. Perhaps, there is a truth we aren’t ready to reveal.

Does the thought of taking the next step leave you feeling anxious or depressed? Regardless, any self-limiting thoughts and fears can literally paralyze us from showing up for something that could be expansive and life changing.

The first step can take tremendous courage, like most anything in life that is new and different. It requires a willingness to face what holds us back, which builds momentum for the next steps. Any new result/outcome requires committed action that begins by showing up.






Now…imagine taking the first step toward what you’ve been avoiding.  Connect with how that might make you feel.

  • Relieved
  • Happy and joyful
  • Accomplished
  • Calm and peaceful
  • Stronger
  • Connected

Don’t we all want more of that?

When we commit to show up and take action, not only do we face our fears, but we become more aligned with living the life our heart desires.  By connecting with the feelings associated with taking action we can begin to move forward toward more of what we want.


Are you ready

to say YES

and take the 

first step?





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