Telling YOUR Truth

Life has a way of putting us in exactly the right place at the right time. Our lessons and experiences become the stories we live. Each of us is a beautiful and richly woven tapestry, made of the good, bad, and everything in between…it all matters.


This individual journey can dictate how the path unfolds. Unfortunately, the road isn’t always smooth, instead, it is often filled with unexpected twists and turns. Yet, one certainty is a requirement to adapt and respond. So often, that comes in a beautiful package of painful experience.

Life has shown me how adaptability is directly tied to the relationship with ourselves. The ability to go with the flow is normally proportionate to the suffering we experience. In my blog, The Journey of Being Kind and Honest, I shared three steps to living a more enriched and fulfilled life.

  1. Showing Up: Taking action to cure fear
  2. Discovering Authenticity in Struggle
  3. Telling YOUR Truth

For me, each step has offered valuable lessons that shape who I am today. I make no claim this journey has been easy. In fact, it has not been for the faint of heart. Although, what I can assuredly report is that it has been the birthplace of overcoming struggle and laid the foundation of my Unshakeable Truth.

So, what does it mean to Tell YOUR Truth?

The answer begins with honest self-reflection. Each step is built upon the other, but it really came down to acknowledging and letting go of our best self-preservation tool…CONTROL!

It had been my life’s work to anticipate and dictate the outcome. Control played a leading role in just about every action and allowed me to expertly craft a life built on false narratives. I became what I believed everyone wanted me to be, which only left me depleted, depressed, anxious, ashamed, alone and isolated. More importantly, it made me resentful when no one seemed to notice or appreciate my wholehearted efforts.

My endless need for control kept me stuck in a loop of unworthy and not good enough. Daily, I would show up in a put together way but really felt like a complete mess on the inside. I constantly feared someone would see the cracks in my façade, revealing everything I believed. It was like an unending rollercoaster of highs that pushed me forward to achieve and lows that left me nearly unfunctional.

Fortunately, this unhealthy recipe wasn’t sustainable and life literally brought me to my knees. Through a series of unfortunate reversals, I found myself exiled in a self-created desert, completely alone and undone. Unending grief encompassed me. I was paralyzed as years of work lay in ruin.


The good news is that everyone isn’t meant to go to the desert to find their truth. Each of us has a unique journey. From the place I came, it likely was the clearest path to the lessons I needed to learn. I don’t wish that on anyone, but in reflection, it all served a purpose and I have no regrets.

Is there something you trying to control, that isn’t yours to control?

My own undoing became the birthplace of everything that was meant to be. It was a divine place that literally brought me to my knees, stripping away what was no longer relevant, leaving only what was necessary. My humbling journey revealed many opportunities for real sustainable growth. I allowed my pain to change me, asking my higher power for guidance and direction.

This flow has served me beautifully. It is only when I try to step back in the power seat that I get a lesson that shows me I am not the one in charge. Letting go of control has allowed me to find my true north with faith that the next steps will be revealed in perfect timing.

packaging-2481462_960_720.jpgThe best gift of this solitary journey has been finding my own truth. An evolved version of me that is directly plugged into my Divine source of passion and purpose. I feel more aligned than ever, telling my truth from an authentic place. I can step back and let life unfold in its beautiful and magical way without trying to navigate the outcome. I don’t resent failed outcomes, rather accept something better is meant for me. It feels amazing!

Are you willing take one step forward to let something flow that you have previously tried to control?

Perhaps it is letting something flow in a relationship or friendship, or choosing to heal a resentment you have about something that hurt you.  It could even be stepping back from a project or assignment and asking your Higher Power to lead the way. By relinquishing the reigns, what is truly meant for you can fully show up. Try it and see.  It might just surprise you…

Of course, in my humanness, there are times I stumble and my good friend control sneaks in. I use those times as an opportunity to grow from. They serve as a place to recognize and honor my gifts, using them to empower myself and others. I now realize that I can’t be all things to all people and am amazed at how many years I spent trying to adapt to my beliefs of what I thought I should be. I cannot say it was a waste because all of those steps mattered too. I needed to climb the mountain to fall off into my own personal abyss.

From this more recently aligned place, I can show up in any given situation and speak from my own place of truth, the one I fought to learn the hard way. The journey of being kind and honest isn’t always the easy path, but it certainly is the most authentic. By not adapting to what others want and expect, it’s just a rhythm. that seems to flow with more graceful twists and turns. river-2743967_960_720.jpg

Are you ready to tell YOUR truth?



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