Gratitude: Honoring the Good Stuff

Each day is an opportunity to face life in a renewed way. Our waking thoughts can set the tone for everything that follows. Think about your first thoughts on the days you overslept or didn’t sleep well…what is your mood like?




  • Cranky? 
  • Irritable?
  • Quiet?
  • Anxious?
  • Unmotivated?



If you are anything like I was, these days could have disastrous consequences for everyone.  I didn’t want to be a person with a whole range of less than stellar emotions, which directly impacted others. This daily grind wore on me and I knew there had to be a better way.

As a lifelong student of self-improvement, the journey of personal growth has been a path I’ve walked much of my life.  The rollercoaster of emotions felt like an opportunity for improvement, to become more aligned. This new awareness became a research project.  I dug in and devoured the work of many great thought leaders, vowing to start of each day in a renewed way. Quickly, I discovered that most practices weren’t sustainable for me because they took more time and energy than I was willing to commit.

On the day’s I took the time to plug into myself, things went more smoothly.  I got positive feedback from others and knew I was onto something.  I kept looking for a practice I could commit to. Then, almost all at once it clicked and a light came on.



A connection was the key link of these practices. As humans, we are wired to connect to ourselves and others. My old morning routine was anything but.  This new awareness was eye-opening. I searched for ways to become more connected and discovered a common thread in the work of many others was gratitude.

Gratitude changed EVERYTHING!  

So, now what?


To be completely upfront, this new awareness had a complicated beginning. I set an intention to replace dread with gratitude, which was easier said than done!

From the start, I began with an expectation to practice gratitude perfectly…perfect words, perfect requests, expecting some perfect outcome. It was steeped in mantras and prayers from a groggy or rushed state. It was just too much and quickly became the easiest thing to push off my plate.  I was quickly defeated and retreated to my old unpleasant morning routine.

NOTHING IS PERFECT…there had to be an easier way.

I took some time to regroup and slowly began to adapt to a simple plan that worked for me.  What evolved has become a recipe for success that has only changed everything.

Here are my three simple steps to living a grateful life:

  1. Start by thanking God, or whatever your individual Divine source is. First, be grateful to your source.
  2. Next, think of at least 5 things you are grateful for.  Even in dark times, I can find something worthy to honor. Personally, I prefer to write them down to empower them, but it can be a practice in your head.  This step sets the tone for what follows
  3. Make an “I am” list.  I will admit this step usually happens in the shower after I am more awake.   Simply, it goes something like this… 
  • I am happy
  • I am radiantly healthy
  • I am love/loved
  • I am kind
  • I am Divinely guided
  • I am authentic
  • I am free
  • I am… you fill in the rest

I use these simple “I am” statements to set an intention.  Even if I don’t feel completely nurtured in the ways I am claiming, it becomes a practice that

THAT’S IT! For me, it really is that simple.

In the beginning, this wasn’t a practice I was wholeheartedly committed to and my follow through was lackluster at best.  I would go days without remembering to complete the simple steps listed above. As I began to see positive results (quickly), I became more diligent in my journey of gratitude. It actually was working, other people even began to comment on my improved mood state.  That was a bonus!

Looking through the lens of gratitude has changed everything.  Now, I notice things I never used to see before.  I see beauty in so many things in a more profound and beautiful way.  It could be the sky or flowers on my evening walk, maybe it’s the moon in its fullness. Sometimes it’s just breathing in beautiful air. There is so much beauty to see when we become open to it.


Are you willing to commit a week to practicing three simple steps?  

It just might change everything for you too…





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